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Save Money with Used Tools in Edmonton at GD Liquidators

Why buy new when you can get quality used tools in Edmonton at great prices from GD Liquidators? We serve trades of all types and stock tools for a wide variety of applications. Whether you are a welder, electrician, carpenter, roofer or shop owner, GD Liquidators is proud to be your one-stop shop. Are you looking for impact sockets, drill bits, power tools or pneumatic equipment? You will be amazed by the selection in our 65,000 square foot warehouse. Despite the size of our facility, we can find what you need quickly with a knowledgeable and friendly staff.

If you want to check and see if we have a specific tool available, give us a call or fill out our convenient contact form. Along with our new and used industrial tools, we are pleased to be your source for pallet racking, shelving, pallet jacks and other warehouse equipment. Stop by and see what we have to offer.

Check Out Our Large Inventory of Used Tools in Edmonton
Here at GD Liquidators, we know having the right tools can spell the difference between a successful project and an expensive mess. But sometimes, buying new tools isn’t always an option. But just because you can’t buy brand new tools doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. GD Liquidators is your source for used tools in Edmonton that can be utilized for a variety of applications. So whether you need hand tools, power tools, parts and more, you can rely on GD Liquidators to get you the tools you need to get the job done right. We also have a large inventory of used industrial tools to choose from. Can’t find the exact tool you’re looking for? Our trained and knowledgeable staff will help you find what you need. In many cases, we can actually order the tool or piece of equipment for you.

Why Choose Used?
When deciding whether to buy used or new tools, it’s important to consider all the factors. One of the biggest issues when buying used tools or equipment is the shape it’s in. At GD Liquidators we make buying used easy because we only stock the best quality tools in our inventory. Are you wondering what the advantages to buying used tools are? Here are just a few reasons to choose used tools over new:

  • Cost: Buying used tools is extremely cost-effective. It can also allow you to try out different tools without sinking too much money into them.
  • More choices: New models of tools are coming out every year meaning the inventory of older, used tools is always growing.
  • Avoid depreciation: Just like with vehicles, large tools and equipment face almost immediate depreciation. However, used tools and equipment tend to hold their value for much longer. That means, when it’s time to sell, you can get a better return on your investment.

Are you ready to see what we can do for you? Contact GD Liquidators today.

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