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Reliable and Spacious Storage Lockers in Edmonton

Whether you run a large business or a factory warehouse in Edmonton, you’re probably concerned about the safety of your employees’ personal belongings throughout the day. Our range of storage lockers in Edmonton provides a functional means of secure storage space, so your employees can ensure the safety of their items during their shift. This peace of mind that their belongings are being kept safe should allow your employees to be able to focus more clearly on the tasks at hand, and as a result, be more productive.


Allowing your employees the daily usage of a locker also helps keep your break areas free of any unnecessary items that may be left out while they’re on the production floor. Whether you have 15 employees or hundreds, we at GD Liquidators, can find the appropriate lockers to suit your business’ needs.


All our storage lockers come with world-class safety locks that will make sure that nobody can access the contents of one person's lockers without his/her permission. This means that with their belongings in our lockers, your employees will be able to focus on the task that matters. We provide our services to commercial establishments in a number of areas.

Types of Lockers

We host a variety of lockers that are specially designed to maximize security and storage space. Our lockers come in various shapes and sizes that you can choose from based on your requirements and those of your employees. If you need help choosing the right kind of locker for your business establishment, we can help you and guide you through the process. The various types of lockers that we offer include:

Cubicle lockers

Ensure your personal belongings are kept safe by browsing our selection of heavy-duty cubicle lockers.

Flammable lockers

Protect your equipment from fire damages with our selection of flammable lockers useful for spaces prone to fire exposure.

Half-door lockers

Our half-door storage lockers in Edmonton are available in various colours and styles, which come in useful for compact spaces.

How Can Our Lockers Help?

Our lockers, with their ample storage space, can provide your business with several benefits. Moreover, they can be installed in a number of locations at your convenience. This increases their usability and functionality. Here are some areas in which different styles of our storage lockers in Edmonton can help:

Cubicle Lockers

These small-sized lockers are big on space and can fit under fume hoods, windows or countertops. These storage lockers in Edmonton come in useful at places where you need large locker storage space for groups.


Double Compartment Lockers

These long and thin lockers are perfect for installation and use in school corridors, golf clubs, sports franchises, public safety, first responder and similar organizations.


2-Tier Lockers

Our 2-Tier lockers are ideal for Colleges, High schools, locker rooms, employee changing rooms, government agencies, gyms etc.

Browse Our Selection of Lockers in Edmonton and Alberta

Lockers aren’t just for students to store their books during the school day anymore. Today’s workers and employers can also benefit from them. Storage lockers help you save on the amount of storage space you need (especially useful when space is sometimes at a premium in a large warehouse or even in your home office), while also making it possible to better organize your office documents. Contact GD Liquidators today to inquire about our selection of lockers available in many sizes, styles, and colours for your convenience.

Keep Your Belongings Safe and Secure

We provide a host of storage lockers that you can rely on to provide you with ample space to keep your personal belongings while you work.

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