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Warehouse Handling Equipment

Trusted Warehouse Equipment in Edmonton

Stay organized with proper storage and handling products and warehouse equipment from Edmonton’s GD Liquidators. When it comes to managing a warehouse, keeping things well-organized not only saves time, but can help maintain the overall safety of the area. At GD Liquidators, we know that there are many types of businesses out there using warehouses. Not all businesses will be able to afford the latest in warehouse equipment in Edmonton. That’s why we provide both used and new items from pallet jacks, moving carts, and dollies to parts carts, rolling ladders, and racking. We include items from a wide range of trusted brands, like Unitran. You can find the following equipment in stock at GD Liquidators:

Wheel dollies

Whether you need to move a vehicle or a heavy piece of equipment, our wheel dollies make the job a breeze.


Do you need transport bulky, heavy equipment or furniture? Our two-wheelers make this a snap.

Bottle carts

Efficiently transport your items from Point A to Point B of your warehouse with one of our bottle carts.


Whether you need a place to store your tools or equipment, we carry a fine selection of sturdy cabinets.

Cubicle lockers

Ensure your personal belongings are kept safe by browsing our selection of heavy-duty cubicle lockers.

Drum dollies

Whether you need to transport 16-gallon drums or 55-gallon drums, our drum dollies are up to the task.

Flammable lockers

Protect your equipment from fire damages with our selection of flammable lockers.

Half-door lockers

Our half-door lockers are available in various colours and styles.


Keep equipment safe with our lockers, available in many sizes, styles, and colours.

Metalware cabinets

Our metalware cabinets are impervious to most types of damages and keep your items safe!

Multi-drawer cabinets

Our multi-drawer cabinets will help you organize your workspace.

New lockers

Need new lockers for your warehouse or office? Check out our assortment.


Our pallet jacks can help you quickly and easily move light or heavy pallets within your warehouse.

Picking carts

When you need to move a bunch of items in your warehouse, you can’t afford to lose inventory. Our heavy-duty picking carts allow you to improve your accuracy and efficiency.

Roller conveyors

Keep things moving efficiently with our selection of powerful roller conveyors.

Rolling ladders

Make sorting items in your warehouse easier with our assortment of rolling ladders, available in many different sizes.

Storage cabinets

Store your tools and equipment with ease in our storage cabinets, available in many different sizes, colours, and styles.

MISCELLANEOUs Warehouse Equipment

Our pallet jacks can help you quickly and easily move light or heavy pallets within your warehouse.

Expanding Your Business? Browse New Warehouse Equipment in Edmonton

While you may have started out small, over the years your business has grown. In order to keep up with your customers’ demands, you’ll need more space. Getting a new, larger warehouse is important, but so too is stocking it with the right kind of equipment to ensure you properly store and handle the products you offer to customers. Turn to GD Liquidators to find brand-new warehouse equipment in Edmonton. We’re always stocking the latest handling products to keep up with the ever-evolving industries of our clientele. If you aren’t sure what to add to your expanding warehouse, our knowledgeable staff can guide you.

Tight Budget? Find Used Equipment to Furnish Your Warehouse

Maybe you’re just a small business starting out with not a lot of money for handling equipment and storage supplies? Or maybe you’re hoping to downsize your current business and need to rely on used materials instead of brand-new ones for a while? Whatever the reasons, GD Liquidators can accommodate you. While we’re always sure to have the latest and newest warehouse equipment in Edmonton, we also stock a varied selection of used items for those with tight budgets. You can find everything you need from storage cabinets, flammable lockers, and multi-drawer cabinets to rolling ladders, pallet jacks, and dollies to help get your business running smoothly.

What You Need to Keep Your Warehouse Running

At GD Liquidators, we know the most common equipment needed to run a warehouse. This includes:

  • Transport equipment – As the name states, this is equipment that helps you transport your products from one location to another, long or short distances. Transport equipment includes: pallet jacks, cranes, and conveyors.

  • Loading equipment – Loading equipment is important for loading large or multiple items so that your workers aren’t straining their bodies. Loading equipment includes: skids, crates, pallets, and more.

  • Positioning equipment – Once you’ve moved your materials to their location, you may need help putting it into position. Position equipment includes: lift tables, hoists, balancers, and manipulators.

  • Storage equipment – Now that you’ve moved your materials into place, you’ll need a place to store them properly. Storage equipment has to be easily accessible and easy to maintain. Plus, it should help get the most out of your warehouse space. Storage equipment includes: cabinets, lockers, racks, and storage drawers.

Get Everything on Your Warehouse Checklist at GD Liquidators

Come in and talk to us at GD Liquidators today about your warehouse handling equipment needs. We’re here to accommodate you, Edmonton!

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